Meditations On Media
Beyond Baroque
Every 3rd Wednesday

at Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd,
Venice, CA 90291

more info: 310-306-7330

We shape our tools, then they shape us.
Marshall McLuhan

Gerry Fialka’s stimulating soiree stirs up discussion
to reveal the hidden effects of what humans have invented.

Media (meaning everything from spoken word, literature, theater, music, art, film, Internet, etc) shape both individuals and society. The social consequences can be relatively obvious as the auto reshapes the city.
The psychic effects are more difficult to uncover, like the auto enhances private mobility and a feeling of isolation.

What makes the psychic effects more difficult to assess are the blinders imposed by our preconceptions, perceptions and language. MOM inventories these effects and muses why we ignore them.

Communication of the new is a miracle,
but not impossible
Marshall McLuhan